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Geothermal and Wind energy

Wind Energy

Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Energy: pros vs cons
Geothermal Pictures
Wind Energy
Wind energy: pros vs cons
Wind pictures

What wind energy is.

Computers turn the turbines towards the wind automaticly

Wind energy is what you get from wind turning turbines. The banes are angled so it captures wind and makes it spin. The pole that it spins by is attatched with a magnet. As the magnet spins, the thousands of electric coils wrapped around it generates electricity. The electromagnetic energy is sent to homes.

Wind farms are built where there is always wind.
Wind comes from the sun. Hot air is lighter than cool air. When the sun heats the earth unevenly the hot air rushes up and the space of cool air filling the empty space is what we know as wind.

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